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Our Story

We started out as growers back in 1992 supplying to a few local shops, but mostly out to wholesalers. It wasn't until 2010 that we took the leap to establish Fresh Approach. We had the ability to sell our produce directly to shops and chefs. It meant we've been able to enjoy long lasting relationships with our customers. We know who they are, what is important to them as a business and we would like to think their businesses have been able to grow alongside ours.

Our background as growers has resulted in us having contacts with many other local growers. Some are smaller growers that specialise in just one crop, but these are usually the 'little gems' you can't find elsewhere but collectively it enables us to source a greater range of produce throughout the year to offer our customers.


Our passion is local produce but understandably with live in a time where we can pretty much source everything all year round and as much as Norfolk growers are fabulous, we haven't yet mastered growing oranges and bananas!  

We have various importers that we source much of our exotics from along with traders from the London markets. Our relationships with all our suppliers is as important as the relationships with our customers. Success in business is a true team effort, it involves great communication, complete product knowledge and a drive to work hard for both our customers and suppliers.


At Fresh Approach you aren't just another customer, you are an individual and we enjoy getting to know you and your business and working as a partnership to achieve the very best results.


Meet The Team

Stephen (Director & Farm Manager)
Louise & Rhubarb.jpg
Louise (Managing Director)
Matt (Warehouse Manager)
Tom & Leeks.JPG
Tom (Farm Technician)
Michael Pic.JPG
Michael (Driver & Warehouse Operative)
Stephen & Angus.JPG
Stephen (Farm Hand)
Shaun & Van.jpg
Shaun (Delivery Driver)
Mickey (Driver & Warehouse Operative)
Ben (Driver & Warehouse Operative)
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